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Where do you find all these plants and or do you grow your own plants?

We work with a variety of local growers and private growers across the country. We currently don't grow a majority of our offerings. Although we will occasionally send our own collection to private growers to be propagated. We'd love to have our own tropical greenhouse in the near future.

Where is your physical location located?

We're based in Portland, OR! 2046 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Portland OR 97212 @ariumbotanicals

Will my plant arrive looking like the product photo?

All the plants we offer are rooted established plants in growers pots. We try to photograph the plants we add to our site that represents the species available in a average sense of size and quality. Generally they will arrive looking close if not identical to the photo.

Do you do holds on specific plants?

No, but we update our online store regularly. If you are signed up for our mailing list you will always get first notice when plants go live on the site.

Refund Policy

All of our sales are final but we try and ensure the best quality and customer experience we can offer. If live plants arrive damaged please shoot us an email and a photo of how it arrived immediately. Then we will see what we can do if we need to file a claim with the shipping company or if the damage was on our end. Contact us at hello@ariumbotanicals.com.

We are not responsible for incorrect address entry.

We work with USPS and delays can happen and there isn't much we can do about it until the package arrives.

Any workshop cancellations can be refunded a full week in advanced. Anytime after this period we keep 30% of subtotal for cancellation for our supplies and empty time slot.

Do you ship internationally?

No not at the moment.

Why does shipping cost what it does?

Shipping for us is carefully packaging each and every plant which uses a lot of materials and labor. We want to ensure your plants arrive safely. We also use more packing material than most to keep all the plants secure in their boxes. We use USPS which is weight based and since we exclusively ship potted plants the weight does add up pretty quickly.

How much is shipping?

We breakdown our shipping by quantity. We include heat packs November - April.

Normal Shipping Rates:

  • 1 Plant - $9.00
  • 2 Plants - $13.00
  • 3 Plants - $16.00
  • 4 Plants - $19.00
  • 5 Plants - $23.00
  • 6 Plants - $25.00
Can you answer plant care questions?

Of course! We are super knowledgable about a majority of tropical varieties (Aroids in particular) and general house plant care in general. Just email hello@ariumbotanicals.com or direct message us on instagram @ariumbotanicals

How do you pack your plants?

We carefully wrap the soil with a slightly damp paper towel and tape it over to prevent any soil from spilling or drying out. We then wrap the entire plant in light packaging paper then we tape it in the box to prevent moving or shifting during shipment. During the colder months we put in 72 hour heat packs.

What shipping provider do you work with?

We work exclusively with USPS 2-3 day priority mail and we only ship Monday - Tuesday to ensure your item arrives before the weekend. If you place your order Tuesday 2PM PST onward your order will not be processed until the following Monday.